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Application for Lid Express

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Initial Screening

Complete these initial questions to determine if you're a suitable candidate. Should your results deem you eligible for assessment, you'll be directed to the next step: intake form and photo submission.

  1. Question 1.
    Do you have a history of basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma or other skin cancer?

  2. Question 2.
    Does your eyelid growth bleed?

  3. Question 3.
    Does your eyelid growth scab?

Initial Screening

You have completed the initial screening for Lid Express. Based on your responses, we have determined that:

You’ve passed the screening questions.

You can now proceed to step 2 of your application.

Before we can schedule your in-person assessment and intended surgery date, you are required to complete the intake form and submit photos. Please ensure you provide all requested information and follow photo instructions.

Initial Screening

You have completed the initial screening for Lid Express. Based on your responses, we have determined that:

You’re not qualified for this service.

You do not meet the requirements for Lid Express at this time.

Bleeding, scabbing, eyelash loss or an "ulcerated appearance" may be signs of a cancerous growth. Based on your responses, your growth should be further examined by your optometrist or family doctor. If you do not have an optometrist you can arrange an appointment with one at Clarity Eye Institute. It is important to have possible skin cancers on the eyelids assessed as they can cause irreversible damage to the nearby skin or other organs in your body.

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You're almost there!

To complete the assessment of your eyelid growth, we require further information from you. Please complete the intake form below and follow the instructions provided for taking the photos needed to complete your intake submission.

Instructions for taking your photos

  1. A photo taken straight-on that includes both eyes open
  2. A photo straight-on that includes both eyes closed
  3. Take a photo that best demonstrates the bump(s) you are concerned about
Tips for photo taking

Take photos in a bright room with natural light, avoid make-up.

If possible, ask someone to help you take the photo.
Avoid selfies as the quality of the photo tends to be reduced.

Send the photo that is MOST representative of what the bump looks like now.
We understand that some bumps may have looked better or worse in the past, but we want to see what the bump looks like in the present day.

Protect your privacy.
You do not need to send a full photo of your face but try to include half of your nose in the photo. This will make your photo less identifiable.

    Intake Form

    * Mandatory

    It is your responsibility to make sure that your email address is entered correctly, as it is the primary means for our communication with you including plans for surgery.

    Your ethnicity gives us information about which types of skin issues you may be prone to. This allows us to better interpret the photos you send in.

    Providing optometrist and family doctor information allows us to keep your healthcare team aware of your diagnoses and surgery.

    Upload up to 5 files (15MB limit) (jpg, png, gif, jpeg, pdf, docx)

    You are agreeing to the following:

    1. Lid Express is a non-OHIP covered service and is designed to expedite surgery for my benign appearing eyelid growth(s) because I want to improve the appearance in this area.
    2. My intended surgery may be cancelled based on the in-person assessment by the surgeon.
    3. If my surgery is cancelled, I will be refunded the surgical deposit but will still have to pay the in-person consultation fee.
    4. Lid Express uses email for communication. Any time email is used, private health information shared can be compromised. I accept this risk and understand that I can seek further information about privacy from the Lid Express team.
    5. It is my personal responsibility to arrange an optometrist or family doctor appointment if Lid Express recommends this based on my application.

    You have successfully completed your intake form and photo submission for Lid Express.

    Your information will be reviewed and you will receive an email response within one (1) week. There are two possible responses you could receive:

    1. If you are confirmed to be a candidate, we will be in touch to offer you surgery dates. Surgical dates are scheduled within 1 month from time of approval.
    2. If you are not a candidate, we will recommend that you seek a referral from your optometrist or family doctor direct to “Clarity Eye Institute, Oculoplastic Surgery” as you may require further assessment beyond what is offered through Lid Express.

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