Breaking New Ground

New Clinics

Clarity Eye is proud to announce the addition of two new clinics.  


Opening it’s doors in February 2023, Newmarket is a brand new state of the art, 5000 sq. ft. facility that was designed to allow for multiple eye care professionals to work together within a fully digital clinical ecosystem, including  EMR, diagnostics, and call center integration with the rest of the Clarity network.   

The following ophthalmologists will service Clarity Newmarket: 
  • Dr King Chowcomprehensive ophthalmology and dry eye 
  • Dr. Steve Dorrepaalmedical retina 
  • Dr. Mahmoud Alizadeh – Ebadicornea  
  • Dr. Baseer Khancataract surgery 
  • Dr. Yogesh Patodiacataract surgery and comprehensive ophthalmology 
Location Details:

130 Mulock Drive
Unit 3
Newmarket, ON L3Y 7C5

P- 416-663-3937
F- 416-663-3731


In August 2022, Clarity Eye acquired West Toronto Eyecare. After a renovation of the existing space, as well as an expansion into an adjacent one, we are proud to announce that Clarity Eye Roncy has been fully integrated in the company’s operations. Building on the exemplary legacy as the leading ophthalmology clinic in Roncesvalles, we have added some of the newest diagnostic equipment as well as adding counselling and waiting spaces to accommodate growth.

The following ophthalmologists will service Clarity Roncesvalles: 
  • Dr. Mark Bamberger cataract surgery, medical retina
  • Dr Sheila Brazelcataract surgery, glaucoma, comprehensive ophthalmology
  • Dr. Paul Freundcataract surgery, neuro-ophthalmology
Location Details:

2238 Dundas Street W
Suite 308
Toronto, ON M6R 3A9

P- 416-760-8777
F- 416-760-0748