Dr. Kwesi McGuire MD

Dr. McGuire is a graduate of the University of Toronto (2010), where he obtained the award for the best resident over 5 years. He was one of the top graduates and awarded with the Duncan Jamieson Prize and Woywitka Cup award for highest standing resident, completing his training in the top 99th percentile in North America.

Having completed tens of thousands of surgical procedures, Dr. McGuire has made cataract surgery and glaucoma laser treatment the focus in his comprehensive ophthalmological practice and has established himself as an expert in his field.

He is a dedicated surgeon focused on excellence, providing cutting edge procedures to meet every patient’s specific visual needs.

Considered to be a highly efficient surgeon and part of an elite circle of cataract surgeons to treat complex and challenging cases domestically and abroad, he has lectured to eye doctors globally, and continues to train surgeons and perform procedures in developing countries.