Dr. Arun Reginald MD FRCSC

Dr. Arun Reginald is a distinguished Oculoplastic surgeon, revered for his expertise in complex ocular surgeries and aesthetic enhancements. His extensive medical journey is marked by academic excellence and specialized training, holding a BSc, MBBS, FRCS, and FRCSC. Dr. Reginald's commitment to advancing his field led him to pursue Fellowship Training in Pediatrics, Neuro-ophthalmology, and Oculoplastics at renowned institutions such as University College London and Oxford University in the UK. 

His affiliation with the Hospital for Sick Children underscores his expertise in providing specialized care to pediatric patients with complex ocular conditions.

With his research endeavors focused on bio-markers of visual loss, focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases, Dr. Reginald is committed to deepening his understanding within ophthalmology and offers his own insights into the preservation of visual health.

Dr. Reginald's unwavering commitment to innovation, professionalism and compassionate patient care allow him to be a strong leader within the eyecare industry